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Case Study Matforce 501(c)3

"We continue working with Great Expectations because they come through audits well and carry their procedures for Matforce forward within their group. I don't have to retrain people on procedures!" - Merilee, CEO Matforce


At a glance:   Matforce is a 501(c)3 organization that works to reduce substance abuse in the state of Arizona. They are similar to most non-profits, levergaing government grants for funding.

Key metrics:  Great Expectations has worked with Matforce since 2019. At that time they worked exclusively with local agencies, but now they contract with agencies statewide.

- 410% increase in grant funding.

- 400% : increase in contracts in place/reimbursement managed.


MatForce was looking for a firm with non-profit knowledge and a deep bench of expert resources (auditors, employment law professionals). MatForce wanted to be able to have files organized efficiently: for future reference, for grant reimbursement submissions, and for audits. They required a flexible firm with both on-site and off-site capabilities.


Since Great Expectations (GE) started working with Matforce, their gross revenue has increased 410%. According to granting agencies, Matforce's grant funding has been increased in part due to their successful audits.

- Audit Support

- 990 Filing Preparation

- Grant Financial Reporting

Simplified Audit: Grant funding is the cornerstone of their funding increase. Due to the volume of federal grant expenses in fiscal year 2021, Matforce was required to participate in a single audit. With GE's help, the audit turned up no significant findings.

990 Preparedness: From everyday data entry to single audits and preparations for the annual 990 tax filing, GE is there to help facilitate our client's accounting needs.

Grant Reporting and Management GE managed the accounting, maintained backup documentation, and facilitated timely submissions of grant reimbursements for 9 grants/contracts, 8 of which were government contracts.

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